American Grown African Roots T-Shirt


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Represent both sides of your heritage with this American Grown African Roots T-Shirt. This shirt celebrates pride in the fact that African-Americans are linked to both America and Africa. It depicts a tree with extended branches at the top and extended roots at the bottom.

The branches are in the American colors of red, white, and blue, while the roots are in the Pan-African colors of green, yellow, and red. These Pan-African colors represent the fertile land of Africa, the wealth of Africa, and the blood of black people, respectively. This powerful t-shirt showcases that you represent two cultures and are proud of it. Honor your full identity with this t-shirt.

*Item comes with paper to protect the design of the T-shirt. This paper can sometimes get stuck to the design but if peeled carefully, will come completely off. If there are pieces left behind use water to loosen it.

  • Shirt comes in sizes MD, LG, XL, and 2X.
  • Made in India.
  • C-T048
  • AI

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Med, LG, 2X

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American Grown African Roots