Compostable Face Mask | 25 Eco-Friendly Face Masks


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25x 100% disposable compostable face masks

Eco Green Living’s 100% compostable face masks are a plant-based product with no petrol-based additives. The UK’s first fully compostable mask looks and behaves exactly like a surgical mask with a compostable stamp on the front, so everyone will know that the mask wearer has the environment as a No 1 priority.

Once worn the mask can be put into your food caddy or garden composter and will take only 12 weeks to break down, compared to the staggering 400 years it will take for a plastic face mask to degrade. It is the obvious choice, keeping yourself protected and protecting the planet.

No harmful micro-plastics or plastic residue is left behind
Completely earth-friendly and environmentally friendly
Made from non-edible organic materials – nothing is wasted
Produced in the UK—no carbon emissions here!
Developed using innovative technology
Packaged in a recycled and recyclable box for shipment