Red Traditional Cold-Shoulder Dress


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Elegant and bold, this Red Traditional Cold-Shoulder Dress makes a dramatic addition to any wardrobe. The dress has a V-neckline with a wide collar and lapels. The long bell sleeves have a detached, open patch at the shoulder for a bare (or cold) shoulder. The dress has two straps at the waist that tie in a pretty bow and a hemline that is higher (knee-length) in the front and lower (ankle-length) in the back. It is red and features a traditional African pattern in blue, yellow, and red.

  • The dress is 42” in length in the front and 52” in the back.
  • It will fit up to a 48” bust and a 42” waist.
  • Made in India of 100% cotton.
  • C-WH933
  • AI

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