Women’s Young Gifted & Black T-Shirt


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Young people are the future, filled with talent, optimism, and willingness to pursue new ideas. If this applies to you, why not celebrate yourself?

This shirt has the words “Young, Gifted, And Black,” with a border of Pan-African colored triangles on the top and bottom, sandwiching the words. Each word is depicted in a different color and style, giving this shirt a unique and engaging look.

  • Available in sizes MD, LG, XL and 2X
  • Made in India
  • C-T049


*Item comes with paper to protect the design of the T-shirt. This paper can sometimes get stuck to the design but if peeled carefully, will come completely off. If there are pieces left behind use water to loosen them.

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Med, LG, XL, 2X

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Young Gifted & Black